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Nerex industrial water filters

are the highest quality equipment straight from the manufacturer, with no intermediaries and extra charges.

Residential houses and cottages, various enterprises and boiler houses need purified water.


The Nerex company covers the needs of industries in such sectors as: heating, food industry, municipal construction, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and agriculture. Our equipment works in factories, heating plants, for irrigation of crops and in private business.

You will find with us what you need:

  • - industrial reverse osmosis;
  • - mechanical water treatment;
  • - adsorption water treatment;
  • - water deferrization;
  • - water softening;
  • - ultrafiltration.


Water treatment is not a luxury, but a vital necessity.

Groundwater is contaminated with iron dissolved in water, calcium and magnesium salts, mechanical impurities and organic compounds. Water that flows through a centralized water supply system is also not ideal: mechanical impurities, aluminum and heavy metal salts, chlorine and its compounds, hardness. Such water can only be considered conditionally usable.


Water treatment for cottages and houses is a concern for the health of residents, protection of utilities, plumbing and water heating elements of various equipment.

Industrial water treatment systems for boiler, heat exchange and technological equipment are an increase in the service life of the equipment, an increase in heat transfer, savings in equipment repair, and elimination of downtime. This ensures payback and profitability.

For enterprises in which water is the feedstock in production, industrial water filters and purified water serve as a guarantee of product quality, and hence work efficiency.

With many years of experience we are at your service. Successful solution of tasks of varying complexity associated with water treatment and water purification, completed projects — this is a confirmation of the high level of professional skills of our specialists.

Nerex products

Water treatment units

  • 1. Reverse osmosis units — demineralization and deep water treatment from most known contaminants.
  • 2. Ultrafiltration units — purification of the water from open reservoirs and rivers.
  • 3. Industrial filtration units — treatment of large water bodies.
  • 4. Softening units — its main purpose is to reduce water hardness; special filter fillings provide comprehensive water purification and removal of iron, nitrates, nitrites, sulfates, ammonium, salts of heavy metals and organic compounds from it.
  • 5. Installations of a filtration — mechanical water purification, removal of sand, suspensions, rust, colloidal substances.
  • 6. Deironing units — removal of compounds of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide.
  • 7. Adsorption units — removal of residual chlorine and improvement of organoleptic properties of water: elimination of taste, odor, color.

Download the catalog and see the list of equipment and its characteristics.


We offer a full range of services:

  • - experienced professionals advising;
  • - design work;
  • - supply and installation of equipment;
  • - warranty and after-sales service.


At all stages of work we guarantee high quality and professional responsibility.

Nerex Company is a developer, manufacturer and seller of its own products. Therefore, we offer equipment without extra charges from intermediaries. You can download the pricelist and make sure that the price of our equipment is lower than the cost of the products of most other companies.

We value every customer. Our task is to help make the right choice of a water treatment system and water treatment, considering all desires and needs.

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